Lesson 2

0. Enquête.

Deze enquête is bedoeld om informatie te krijgen over hoe leerlingen denken over de lessen Engels van Thomas Vermeulen. De resultaten zullen gebruikt worden om de lessen te verbeteren. Vul de enquête serieus en eerlijk in. De enquête is anoniem. Het beantwoorden van de vragen zal maximaal 10 minuten kosten.

1. Watching.

Watch the clip above and answer the questions below. Write answers down and bring to next lesson. You will probably have to look up a word or two from the video. Use a dictionary.

  1. Why does Michael use the Pacman anecdote?
  2. Name 2 benefits and 1 disadvantage of kiss-feeding.
  3. Why do we kiss?
  4. True or false: eyes are predominantly white, so we see where someone is looking.
  5. What example does Michael use to establish that we pay attention to people that look at us?
  6. Why is Scopophobia probably not a real thing?
  7. What did Harlow and Eckhard Hess's experiments show?
  8. Why, do you think, does the Polarity Principle exist?
2. Grammar.
  1. Recap adverbs via this PowerPoint presentation on adverbs/adjectives.
  2. Do this exercise on the adverb/adjective grammar.
  3. Type an adverb or adjective.
  4. Choose the correct form: adverb or adjective?
  5. List the adverb forms of several adjectives in this exercise. This one is quite difficult!
3. Booklet.
  1. Consult the instructions for the mondeling.
  2. Use this document to brainstorm subjects for your mondeling. You could also go to sites like Debate.org. Look for interesting texts in (the Op-Ed section of) TrueReddit, Slate, The Daily Beast, Wired Magazine, or Spiked Online. Alternatively, you could ask Mr Vermeulen for issues of Time Magazine or Alquin.

Lesson 1

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