1. Practice present perfect vs. past simple.
  2. Handout 1 on adverbs and comparisons. Includes key.
  3. Handout 2 on adverbs, comparisons, and prepositions. Includes key.
  4. Instruction for the SE2 mondeling.
  5. Assessment form presentation.

SE2 Prep

1. Speaking.
  1. Pair up.
  2. Click one of these links: one or two.
  3. Explain to your partner how the image should be interpreted. What is meant with the picture/words?
  4. Switch.
  5. Repeat.

Lesson 1

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1. Watching.

Watch the clip above and answer the questions below. Write answers down and bring to next lesson. You will probably have to look up a word or two from the video. Use a dictionary.

  1. Why does Michael use the Pacman anecdote?
  2. Name 2 benefits and 1 disadvantage of kiss-feeding.
  3. Why do we kiss?
  4. True or false: eyes are predominantly white, so we see where someone is looking.
  5. What example does Michael use to establish that we pay attention to people that look at us?
  6. Why is Scopophobia probably not a real thing?
  7. What did Harlow and Eckhard Hess's experiments show?
  8. Why, do you think, does the Polarity Principle exist?
2. Mondeling.
  1. In your group, take some time brainstorm about what subjects to discuss. Good subjects are ones you are knowledgeable about and differ in opinion from your group members.
  2. Look for interesting texts in (the Op-Ed section of) TrueReddit, Slate, The Daily Beast, Wired Magazine, or Spiked Online. Alternatively, you could ask Mr Vermeulen for issues of Time Magazine or Alquin.


SE1 Prep

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Kijk nog eens naar de vragen uit de quiz.
auteurs achtergrond
periodes jaartallen
periodes kenmerken
teksten auteursintentie
teksten koppeling met andere informatie (bv. periode, auteur)
teksten gedichten op woordniveau
teksten genres (definitie, kenmerken)
in les gezegd door Mr Vermeulen
in les op bord geschreven door Mr Vermeulen
gedichten (metaforen, betekenis, etc.)
inleidingen Neoclassicisme en Romantiek
inleidingen bij auteurs


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