1. Ter voorbereiding op de brief een tijdenoverzicht.
  2. Grading criteria for the letter.
  3. Another practice letter. This time, a rather easy one.
1. Enquête.

Deze enquête is bedoeld om informatie te krijgen over hoe leerlingen denken over de lessen Engels van Thomas Vermeulen. De resultaten zullen gebruikt worden om de lessen te verbeteren. Vul de enquête serieus en eerlijk in. De enquête is anoniem. Het beantwoorden van de vragen zal maximaal 10 minuten kosten.

Lesson 3

Lesson 2

Lesson 1

1. Letter.
  1. Complete this assignment. You will be writing a letter. You might want to use a dictionary while doing the exercise, since that is the only resource available to you during the test. You have 45 minutes. Bring your printed letter to our lesson on the 27th.

2. Dictionary battle.

  1. Find a partner to do this exercise with. Make pairs. Make sure you have a dictionary. One person times how much time the other needs to look up the 10 words below.
  2. Start the stopwatch.
  3. Now, switch turns. Afterwards, compare times. Who was—the weakest link?

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