Lesson 5

1. Speaking.
  1. Sit in pairs/groups.
  2. Wait for Mr Vermeulen's instructions.
2. Literature.
  1. Fill in the grid on page 5 of the literature katern using the information on pages 3 and 4.
  2. Do the questions for Death be not proud on page 27.
3. Reading.
  1. Read The Kite Runner or A Clockwork Orange.
  2. Once you finish the first chapter of A Clockwork Orange, answer the questions below.
    1. What does Korova serve to Alex and his gang when the novel opens?
    2. Alex and his friends assault an old man carrying what?
    3. What are members of Alex’s gang called?
    4. What do the boys do when they run out of money at the Duke of New York?
    5. What does Alex find a shame about the violence this evening?
  3. Once you finish the first three chapters of The Kite Runner, answer the questions below.
    1. What year is it when the novel begins?
    2. Who asks Amir to come to Pakistan?
    3. What is the relationship between Baba and Ali?
    4. What does Baba say is the only sin?
    5. What does Baba worry about with regard to Amir?

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