1. PTA.
  2. The SSL list (deel 1). Test in week 43.
  3. Gijs Palsrok. Kijk in de lijst rechts voor grammatica-onderdelen.
  4. Powerpoint on adjectives/adverbs (Unit 2).
  5. Powerpoint on comparisons (Unit 2).
  6. Powerpoint on the present perfect (Unit 2).
  7. Answers to the literature katern.
  8. SSL lijst 2019. Study pages 9-15 (E-N only).
  9. Reading strategy.


  1. Find the instructions here. A list of topics can be found here, although you may also choose a topic yourself.


  1. Study the following things to prepare for the test.
  2. Answers to the literature katern.

Lesson 3

Lesson 2

Lesson 1

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