June 23rd

  1. Download the practice test and finish it. You can find the answers here.

March 13th

Watch the clip above from 02.09 to 05.35 and answer the questions below. Write answers down and bring to next lesson.

  1. In one sentence, describe the experiment.
  2. Teachers behaved differently if they thought a student was intelligent. What 4 differences in behaviour did they show?

Shakespeare project

  1. Form groups.
  2. Read the project instructions.
  3. Start work.
  4. Do not complain about group size or play assignments.

February 13th

Watch the clip above. Transcribe (='write down word for word') what is said and bring to tomorrow's lesson.
Choose one:

  1. Transcribe the voice-over and the maths teacher's words.
  2. Transcribe all the girls' words.

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