Recap adverbs/adjectives.
Recap present perfect.

Adverbs/adjectives and linking verbs.

Stof toetsweek 2

  1. Irregular verbs
  2. Present simple x continuous
  3. Past simple x continuous
  4. Past simple x present perfect
  5. Adverbs x adjectives
  6. Relative pronouns
  7. Prepositions (in/at/on)
  8. Question words
  9. Translation

Theme 6: Grammar


Lesson 21

2. Recap irregular verbs.

  1. Irregular verbs will be in the test in the test week. Make pairs. You will battle against each other. Type your names and see who wins.
  2. Start the game.

3. Grammar.

  1. Revise by using the PowerPoints on the right.
  2. Or, go here and click the subject you want to practice on the right-hand side.
  3. Choose a subject you find difficult and revise by navigating to a previous lesson. Then, do exercises to see if you understand.

Lesson 20

1. Recap simple/continuous.

  1. Do this test and see if you still understand the simple/continuous grammar from Theme 5.

2. Dictionary battle.

  1. Find a partner to do this exercise with. Make pairs.
  2. Grab smartphones and start up the stopwatch.
  3. Make sure you have a dictionary.
  4. One person times how much time the other needs to look up the 5 words of Round 1 below.
  5. Then, switch turns and do Round 1 again. Afterwards, compare times.
  6. Now, do Round 2.

May 28th

Lesson 19: Adverbs/adjectives

Homework for May 14th

Lesson 18: Present simple vs. continuous 2

Homework for March 27th

Lesson 17: Present simple vs. continuous

Lesson 16: Present Perfect 2

Download the present perfect workbook here.
Download the Stepping Stones Theme 4 Grammar exercises here.

Lesson 15: Present Perfect 1

Homework for February 8th

Lesson 14: Theme 3 Practice

Lesson 13: Relative clauses 2

Homework for December 17th

Lesson 12: Relative clauses

Homework for December 14th

Lesson 11: Future

Homework for December 4th

Lesson 10: Presentation

Lesson 9: Proefwerk Practice Theme 2

Lesson 8: Grammar SO Practice

Homework for November 13th

Lesson 7: Past Continuous 3 and ability

Homework: Past Continuous

Lesson 6: Past Continuous 2

Homework for November 2nd

Lesson 5: Past Continuous

Lesson 4: Questions/negations in the past simple

Lesson 3: Past simple 2

Lesson 2: Past simple 1

Lesson 1: Wh-words



Speaking prompts.
Watching Theme 1
911 operator interview
Family Guy 911 Call
Audio 1
⊙ Jurassic Park sound production. Are the sounds that were used based on fact? How did the sound engineers make the sounds for the dinosaurs? How was the raptor sound made?
⊙ What is the similarity and difference between children and monkeys shown in the video?
⊙ Traditional British moustache club. What are the rules for becoming a member? What food and drink should be avoided if one has a moustache? What problems have members come across due to their extravagant appendages?
⊙ Meet Billy. What evidence of mistreatment is apparent from the clip?
⊙ Lyre bird. Can you name all the sounds it produces? Why does it make these sounds?
⊙ Olm. What features make it special?
⊙ Connor and Cayden Long. Doctors' predictions? How does Cayden show his excitement? How's LeBron's going to use this story?
⊙ Sloth. What are their bathroom breaks like? Why are they so dirty?
⊙ Angler fish. How do angler fish mate?
⊙ Cargo Cults. What is this? Why do they do what they do? Why are they angry at the 'white man'?
♪ Dung beetle. Audio. What do beetles use their GPS-like sense of direction for?
♪ Lost pigeons. Which facts mentioned show the size of the flock? Why did the pigeons go extinct?
⊙ Derby. List the kind of materials the cars are made of. What is the grand prize? Secret? Appeal?
⊙ Old friends. What does their day look like? How do they feel about contemporary music?
⊙ Ducks. What measures have the ducks adopted to combat the opposite sex? Name two male and two female measures.
⊙ Debt collector. Why is Shaun upset with Man 1? Why is Shaun upset with Man 2? What reason does Shaun give for asking the men for a grand each?
⊙ Hurricane lady. What was she doing when hurricane touched down? Any warning sign?
⊙ F1 seat. Why is manufacturing a comfortable seat such a problematic procedure?
⊙ Cameras and eyes. What situations call for cameras?

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