Lesson 8


Watch the clip above and do the exercise below. Write answers down and bring to next lesson.

  1. What examples illustrate AJ's commitment to trying to watch the Alabama games?
  2. What situation was AJ in when McCarron met him?
  3. What action did McCarron take once he had said goodbye to AJ?
  4. McCarron says AJ has given him more than vice versa. What do you imagine AJ has given McCarron?
  5. Finish the sentence using reported speech. Use the information at 0:38. When McCarron saw him, he asked AJ…

Lesson 7

  1. Do this exercise.
  2. Do exercise 2. Choose 2 parts and 30 sentences.

Lesson 6

1. Pronunciation 1.
  1. Partner up (with your mondeling speaking partner, for instance).
  2. Consult the phonemic chart here.
  3. Practice saying the words below.
  4. Once you think you have the pronunciation down, use your phone to make a recording of your pronunciation of the words. Send to your teacher at ln.iderewgs|lrv#ln.iderewgs|lrv.
2. Watching.

Answer the questions below while watching the clip. Write answers down and bring to next class.

  1. Wanneer hebben de heggen de vorm gekregen die ze tegenwoordig hebben?
  2. Wat is een van de hoogtepunten van zijn baan, zegt Dan?
  3. Waarom kan de taak—die eerst vier maanden kostte--tegenwoordig in acht weken gedaan worden?
  4. Moeten de tuiniers ook werken als het slecht weer is?
  5. Wat vindt Dan van het zo vroeg in de tuinen zijn? Waarom?

Lesson 5

Lesson 4

Lesson 3

Lesson 2

Lesson 1

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