1. Gijs Palsrok. Kijk in de lijst rechts voor grammatica-onderdelen.
  2. PTA.
  3. SSL list (delen 1 en 2). Study E-N only for tussentoets 3.
  4. Alquin vocab. Study E-N only for tussentoets 3.
  5. Instruction for SE3.
  6. Book list for SE3.
  7. Topics for SE3.
  • Reading.
  1. Reading strategy.
  2. Uitwerkingen havo 2011 (1e tijdvak).
  3. Uitwerkingen havo 2011 (2e tijdvak).
  4. Uitwerkingen havo 2012 (1e tijdvak).
  5. Uitwerkingen havo 2012 (2e tijdvak).
  6. Uitwerkingen havo 2013 (1e tijdvak).
  7. Uitwerkingen havo 2013 (2e tijdvak).
  8. Uitwerkingen havo 2014 (1e tijdvak).
  9. Uitwerkingen havo 2015 (1e tijdvak).
  10. Uitwerkingen havo 2015 (2e tijdvak).
  11. Uitwerkingen havo 2016 (1e tijdvak).
  12. Uitwerkingen havo 2016 (1e tijdvak).
  13. Uitwerkingen havo 2016 (2e tijdvak).
  14. Uitwerkingen havo 2017 (1e tijdvak).
  15. Uitwerkingen havo 2017 (2e tijdvak).
  16. Uitwerkingen havo 2018 (1e tijdvak).

Lesson 10

1. Alquin.
  1. Do exercise I on workbook page 19.
  2. Do exercise E on workbook page 17.
2. Speaking.
  1. Collect the handout from Mr Vermeulen.
  2. Together with your partner, discuss how the text should be interpreted. What sad truth does the phrase reveal? Write down the truth and bring to next lesson.
3. Submit mondeling info.
  1. Submit your information here before midnight today.
4. Done?
  1. Study the SSL list (e-n only) and vocab B for The Big Squeeze (e-n only).
  2. Find 3 topics.
  3. Find information on your 3 topics.
  4. Read your book.
  5. Prepare the presentation for your book.

Mondeling prep

1. Mondeling: book.
  1. This semester, you will read an English book of your own choosing. Search for an awesome book to read. You could use this flowchart. See where you end up and find out if you like your choice by checking your book's product description on sites like Amazon or Goodreads.
  2. These books are pre-approved (except Alice in Wonderland); others will have to be approved by your teacher.
  3. Your book analysis could critique the books’ themes, subjects, symbolism, message, author, historical context, background, writing style, character arcs, and/or plot. Do not focus on plot only; in other words, a book analysis should not be a 4-minute summary.
2. Mondeling: statements.
  1. Consult the instructions for the mondeling.
  2. Use this document to brainstorm 3 subjects for your mondeling. You could also go to sites like Look for interesting texts in (the Op-Ed section of) TrueReddit, Slate, The Daily Beast, Wired Magazine, or Spiked Online. Alternatively, you could ask Mr Vermeulen for issues of Time Magazine or Alquin.
  3. Research the backgrounds of your statements, interesting pros and cons, and relevant facts that support those.

Lesson 9

Lesson 8

Lesson 7

Lesson 6

Lesson 5

Lesson 4

Lesson 3

Lesson 2

Lesson 1

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